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The city of Wilmington, MA and Rexel Energy complete 7 Garages

  • Posted by: elumin
  • Category: Parking Structure

Trane Energy partners with Rexel Energy Solutions to outfit 7 parking garages for the Wilmington Parking Authority with newly developed eluminaire High Transient Resistant Garage fixture

Working with Josh Lippiatt / Rexel Energy Solutions and Anthony Ripanti / Seiberlich Trane Energy Services, we presented a lighting solution to replace HID lighting in 7 garages managed by the Wilmington Parking Authority. The complexity of the project along with the design criteria was challenging, but we proposed a solution that met all their needs. A high quality, LED low wattage fixture with Garage distribution solved the lighting requirements by meeting or exceeding existing lighting design results. The use of our HTRD (High Transient Resistant Driver) virtually eliminated the issue of driver failure due to large motor load generated transients on the 277V power line. Other considerations were that eLuminaire has a 30 year history of new product innovation and high quality manufacturing. Several times during the project, jobsite conditions required a coordinated effort by the team to overcome issues, from a custom mounting plate to adapt to existing fixture housings (due to conduit issues on site) to replacing drivers quickly for incorrect jobsite voltages. Upon completion, a walkthrough revealed some interesting items. The total wattage existing was over 280KW, while the replacement was a little over 58KW, saving them over 222KW of energy. The total KWH savings was over 1.8MKWH. The Occupancy sensors were programmed by the factory eliminating the need for field commissioning, a huge labor and time saver. And 6 months after initial installation, of the 1609 fixtures installed, only 6 driver failures were discovered during installation. A 3/10% failure rate. Another manufacturer on the project experienced significant failures during the same period, a testament to eLuminaire’s quality control and design.


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