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Quality control

Our mission is to deliver the highest quality products in the market. To achieve this we had to standardize our processes and put in place rigorous testing procedures. In 2012 we achieved ISO9000 certification and today are very proud of the reputation earned amongst our customers of our level of quality. With a failure rate of less than 0.5% we are amongst the lowest in the industry.

During each work order a random number of fixtures are tested in our light measuring sphere. This data is then compared to the specification to ensure we are manufacturing to a very strict standard.

All products are tested for a period of 1hr. During the testing procedure our trained staff record multiple data points. Power factor, current, wattage, THD. This data is filed in the cloud and available at anytime should it be needed.

Each LED light engine is tracked with a unique no. This records data such as CCT, CRI, Flux, Chip type and date of purchase.

All products are uniquely stamped with a date of manufacture and a unique serial no. along with a work order no. This level of data provides us the ability to review data years down the road and allowing us to continuously improve reliability.