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Materials and Finishes

Die Cast – ADC12

All of our die cast housings are made with ADC12 aluminum alloy. ADC12 Offers the best combination of casting, mechanical and thermal properties, ADC12 alloy exhibits excellent fluidity, pressure tightness and resistance to hot cracking. The machinability of ADC12 alloy is very good. Often we have to apply secondary machining processes for custom orders or features that are not able to produce in the die cast.

Sheet Metal -AL1060

Our canopy products are produced from AL 1060 sheet metal. We are one of the very few manufacturers who use aluminum sheet metal for housings. Although aluminum die-casting would be cheaper we chose to stay with aluminum sheet metal for its unique thermal properties and corrosion resistance. No die-cast alloy will outperform aluminum sheet metal thermally pound for pound. Aluminum sheet metal simply provides better thermal conductivity for a fraction of the weight. Aluminum sheet metal also has a flatness of less than 10 microns. This flatness enhances the ability of our LED light engines to transfer heat very efficiently. With only 0.05% copper AL 1060 is highly resistant to corrosion.

Plastics – Sabic LEXAN™ FR RESIN 945

LEXAN 945 Polycarbonate (PC) resin is a non-filled, injection moldable grade. This non-chlorinated, non-brominated flame retardant PC has an UL-94 V0 rating and is available in various opaque color options. LEXAN 945 is a general purpose resin designed to meet the needs of various applications.

Plastics – Sabic LEXAN™ LUX7430C RESIN

LEXAN LUX7430C Polycarbonate (PC) resin is a non-filled, injection moldable grade. This non-chlorinated, non-brominated flame retardant PC has an UL-94 V0/5VA rating and is UV stabilized (F1 rating). Lexan LUX7430C is available in clear transparent and tinted color options that is an excellent candidate for a wide variety of applications.

eLuminaire eCote and SeaGard finishing

Harsh conditions for lighting fixtures can be as common as industrial plants applications, parking garages with fumes and residue from automobile fuel, to marine and aviation environments. eLuminaire has combined several process and techniques coupled with dogged Quality Control to insure long lasting reliability and architectural appearance.

Our ground-up technology starts with copper free alloys to minimize any opportunity for corrosion. A 10 stage substrate Hard Anodizing of its aluminum products provides complete interior and exterior protection followed by an application of a thermoset TGIC (triglycidyl isocyanurate) for adhesion and color fast protection for many years in any application. Frequent and independent batch testing are an integral and necessary part of our eCote and SeaGard Finishes.