Canopy & Soffit

A category of lighting with so few innovative competitors. This is our advantage in the canopy and soffit world. We didn’t just stop innovating in 2010 when we introduced our very first canopy product, we continued innovating with new designs, new materials, new optics, new drivers, new LED chips and so on. We designed and developed our own internal battery back up system. With a unique approach of using dedicated LEDs only for emergency back up. This would ensure that when an emergency arises you get the maximum amount of light for safety. Our surface canopy when introduced in 2012 achieved 120 LPW. Today we are stretching that limit well beyond 170 LPW. Thermal testing at both 60ºc and -40ºc ensures that our products will perform flawlessly regardless of the conditions. Today we are a leader as a result of this persistence of innovation and quality. With a large family of canopies ranging from 2500 lumens to 23,000 lumens we have the solutions you need.