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Vineyards of LaGrange in Frankfort, Illinois

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Vineyards of LaGrange choose eLuminaire ALS1

When the Vineyards of LaGrange in Frankfort, Illinois, was looking to update their parking lot lighting, they contacted Jim Zimmerman with MIZ Enterprises, and he knew exactly what the project needed. He looked to eLuminaire to provide the solid-state lighting solutions. Having used eLuminaire products for several years, he was familiar with the quality and performance of the ALS1 Series High Performance Area Light and settled on it as the perfect solution for this project. “I selected the ALS1 Series fixture for several reasons. The existing site conditions required high light levels with excellent uniformity. The 135 ft pole spacings were 5 times the mounting height of 27ft requiring great distributions with outstanding performance. The ALS1 with type VSQ optics provided 21,557 lumens , while only using 165 watts of power. The light levels exceeded the expectations, with an average light level of 5.5 fc, and the uniformity was below IES recommended standards at 7.53:1. The project was completed in 2019.


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