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Fox Lake, Illinois Metra Commuter Stairway

  • Posted by: elumin
  • Category: Canopy & Soffit

RCS1 Lights up Illinois Metra Commuter Stairway

Fox Lake a municipal customer asked Jim Zimmerman from MIZ Enterprises for a solution to re-light their commuter stairway from a upper level parking lot to ground level. The application also called for improved lighting with less maintenance and energy efficiency. Jim chose to use eLuminaire Lighting RCS1-DP2540K-WH recessed canopy light, which fit perfectly over existing 12” square 100w ED17 MH recessed luminaire with a Fresnel lens. Lighting improved to 25fc avg with uniformity 2:1 for very good even light levels through the stairway from top to bottom. Energy efficiency improved drastically by 80%. And they no longer have to clean and re-lamp the fixtures every year from bugs and cobwebs since the LED fixtures don’t produce UV to attract these elements. Installation completed 3-2018.


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