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Netflix headquarters choose eLuminaire

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Harrington Energy chooses eLuminaire HTRD High Performance garage fixture for Netflix Corporate headquarters

When John Kavalaris with Harrington Energy was given an opportunity to relight a Netflix Corporate Garage in Los Gatos, California, he looked to eLuminaire to provide the solid-state lighting solutions. Having used eLuminaire products for several years, he was familiar with the quality and performance of the eLCIPS1_2 Series High Performance Garage Series with the new HTRD Driver and settled on it as the perfect solution for this project. The HTRD Driver equipped fixture provides unprecedented driver protection from transients over typical 120-277V drivers, in that it has a much higher threshold to be able to absorb line transients caused by elevator motor inrush, and “dirty power” problems known for causing typical products to fail prematurely. “I selected the eLCIPS1_2 Series fixture for several reasons. The garage was sparsely fixtured with a single row of dual 57 watt (114 watts) 4 Pin CFL canopy fixtures centered in the drive aisle. Light levels were adequate underneath the fixtures but very poor in the perimeter parking stalls. The performance garage fixture in the low ceiling area produced very broad distribution with much greater uniformity and extreme comfort while dimmed with a motion sensor 40% to 40 watts. The performance canopy version fixture with its deep and wide distribution worked perfectly for tall ramp and high ceiling entrances. In addition , the fixtures’ very low-profile shape and back body adapted for flush or surface mount jboxes made installation very simple for the installing contractor ”. The CIPS1 series garage canopy fixture is IP66 rated and with the optional occupancy sensor , is one of the most versatile fixtures in the market. In photometric tests, it outperformed the competition by double, while improving uniformity. At 66 watts at full light output, the fixture generates over 130 lumens per watt, while providing improved performance and extreme visual comfort. The project was completed in May of 2020, and photos can be seen at


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